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Writing Subject Lines Without Using Formulas
Episode 7317th March 2021 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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Want to know how to write incredible subject lines without using formulas?

Apart from your name, the subject line is the first thing your audience will see and if you screw that up, chances are, your audience isn’t going to open your email at all.

So, how can you ensure your subject lines are as awesome as possible so that your emails are actually opened and read?

We’ve sent thousands of emails over the years and we’ve learnt exactly what works and what doesn’t…and we’re going to share this with you right now.

Writing Subject Lines Without Using Formulas

Episode Content

  • (03:37) The problem with formulas 
  • (06:05) There is a chance this might happen…so be careful
  • (07:16) How to get inspired!
  • (08:08) So, how do you actually come up with the subject line?
  • (10:21) You can also do this…but it might be harder
  • (12:01) Make sure you focus on this element
  • (12:58) We see people doing this poorly, a lot. Don’t be that guy.
  • (14:08) Imagine that you’re doing this…it’s a game changer
  • (15:09) How “click-baity” are you allowed to go?
  • (17:58) Open rates or click rates….which one should you be looking at?
  • (18:38) This is what’s really going to drive people to open your emails.
  • (20:59) This subject line may make you squeal, especially if you’re a dude

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