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The Mix Bag Podcast - DJ MIDIMACK EPISODE 142, 4th September 2020
Sep 2020 Funky House Mix Pt. 1
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Sep 2020 Funky House Mix Pt. 1

"It's an all-night party...in a little over an hour." - DJ MIDIMACK

Sep 2020 Funky House Mix Pt. 1 (Ep 142) Playlist:

  1. Disco Life by Nytron (Brazil) feat. Zmark
  2. When I Loved You by Block & Crown (The Netherlands)/Lenny Fontana (USA)
  3. Vertigo by Adeline (USA)/Jkriv (USA)
  4. You And I by Serge Funk (Italy)
  5. Lolita 2K19 by Di Paulo (Brazil)/Nytron (Brazil)/Softmal (Brazil)
  6. The Thrill Is Gone by MHE (Italy)
  7. Freak In My Pants by HP Vince (The Netherlands)
  8. Soul 2 Soul by Alex Nevil (France)/Jerem Maniaco (France)
  9. Funk On It by HP Vince (The Netherlands)
  10. Niteclubber by Ivan Jack (Italy)
  11. The Groove by Sinner & James (Canada)
  12. Reachin by DJ Rae (London)/Lupe Fuentes (Spain)
  13. We Love House Music by DJ Daniel Wilson (Austria)/Gerry Verano (Austria)
  14. My Shelter by Hever Jara (Colombia)
  15. A Deeper Love by Diego Forsinetti (?)
  16. 1,2 Step by Kevin McKay (London)/Moreno Pezzolato (Italy)
  17. Do You Know Disco by Discotron (UK)



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