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A Look Inside My Food Photography Side Hustle
Episode 2622nd May 2023 • Side Checks • Amy Schmidt
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Join me as I give you an exclusive VIP tour of my food photography business! I am sharing exactly what it is my side hustle does, how I earn money from making food, my team that I manage all over the US, and why I will never take this business full time. 

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

For me, it’s so important that I pull the curtain back on my side hustle. As a business coach, I want to be fully transparent in what has work and what has not worked inside my business. Inside this episode, I am dishing all of the following….

  • Ghost content creation for food blogs
  • My revenue and profit breakdown
  • How contractors are paid
  • How I select recipes that I know will sell
  • The risk and reward inside the business

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