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Decoding Influencer Marketing Ryan Deiss
Episode 50327th February 2024 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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Join me for a lively conversation with Ryan Deiss as we unravel the mysteries of influencer marketing. Explore the world of micro-influencers and mega-stars, and discover which path leads to greater marketing success. From the power of niche audiences to the pitfalls of chasing fame, get ready for practical insights and expert advice to level up your influencer game. Tune in for a discussion filled with tips and real-world experiences to guide you through your journey!


"There's a point where somebody crosses over from influencer to celebrity. You're paying more for reach and giving up actual influence."

"As your brand gets bigger, you've got no choice but to go there. It's why big brands do Super Bowl ads—they need the reach."

"An authentic endorsement goes a long way. If the influencer genuinely uses and likes your product, it resonates with their audience."


01:00 - AMA’s Study on Influencer Marketing ROI

02:22 - Targeting Micro-Influencers for Specific Products

04:44 - Balancing Reach vs. Relevance in Influencer Selection

06:06 - Niche Audiences and Higher ROI

07:31 - Calculating (ROAS) for Influencer Campaigns

08:58 - Famous Celebrities vs. Influencers

10:24 - Maximizing ROI with Newsletter Advertising

11:51 - The Trade-off Between Fame and Influence

13:12 - Multi-Touch Campaigns and Long-Term Influencer Partnerships

14:40 - Direct Outreach vs. Using Influencer Agencies

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