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The Difficult Yet Rewarding Reality of Pursuing Your Passion with Brennan Forrester | FTW Episode 19
Episode 196th October 2021 • Follow The Wolf Podcast • Wolf Castillo
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Brennan Forrester is a live-looping musician from Denver, CO. His trio, Evanoff, combines the nostalgia of classic rock combined with the high-energy performances of EDM culture. Forrester is an educator with years of experience teaching piano, percussion, and production. He specializes in programming with Max/MSP to create music production and performance tools, as well as gestural control interfaces allowing people to interact with music in novel ways.

Few people will ever truly understand the amount of patience and commitment one must have to pursue a creative endeavor, such as being a musician. To put one’s heart, soul, and thousands of hours people will never see or appreciate into 1 thing that you hope people will like and appreciate. It’s a gift and one that I am grateful to have a deeper appreciation for after hearing this week’s guest, Brennan Forrester. Brennan is 1 of 3 people in an incredible musical group called Evanoff. In this conversation, he shares his journey of becoming a musician and the difficult yet rewarding reality of pursuing his craft and passion to share music that truly fills people’s hearts up. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Much Love and Peace be with You!


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