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120. Curbing the Harm of Environmental Toxins & Hormone Disrupters with Dr. Jenna Hua
Episode 1207th March 2022 • Healing Hormones • Nina Boyce
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Dr. Jenna Hua is the founder and CEO of Million Marker, a health tech startup that provides on-demand body toxicity tests and gives personalized product and diet recommendations based on your results to improve your chance of conception. Dr. Hua is passionate about the environment, public health, and all things food. 

In this conversation, we zoom in on environmental toxins, how they act as unseen hormone disruptors, and the ways you can start making small changes in your lifestyle to get clean and toxin-free.

We Chat About:

  • How Dr. Hua decided to start Million Marker
  • Where to start with introducing clean products in your home
  • The invisible hormone-disrupting chemicals we are exposed to
  • What we can do to support our hormone health
  • Making changes without adding stress
  • How Million Marker can help you make lifestyle changes


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