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Making Big Decisions
Episode 63rd April 2022 • International Career Couples • Kate Galloway
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In this episode we hear from Becky and Sam who are enjoying their first expatriate assignment in Dubai. In this episode you will hear about how:

  • luck can be involved when you are managing two careers,
  • two different personalities and approaches to career and travel can bring about a rich discussion.
  • the pandemic is changing the way that companies are viewing employment and how this might open up opportunities
  • finding your support network/expat community is key.
  • being willing to make sacrifices, respecting each others careers and taking the opportunities of being able to travel with either job are important parts of managing international careers.
  • future challenges include keeping the balance with family, the big question of 'where to next?' and finances.

The key advice from this episode:

  • respect each others careers,
  • take the risk professionally and personally so that you can reap the rewards of expat life,
  • seek opportunity,
  • adapt to your environment,
  • develop cultural understanding.