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Apologize Better: 4 Steps to Make Your Sorry More Effective
Episode 5323rd May 2024 • Habits for Your Happily Ever After • Rebecca Mullen
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Strengthen your relationship when you apologize better.

Is it hard for you to apologize to your partner? Is your partner apology-challenged?

Your relationship communication will improve when your "sorry" becomes more effective. Today we'll look at how to apologize better:

  • We’ll look at 3 types of lousy apologies so we can spot the bad habits
  • We’ll clean those up with 4 specific steps to make your apology shine
  • I’ll offer you a date night discussion to help you listen with love to your partner instead of proving that you’re right and why that makes all the difference

The 4 Steps to a Deeper Apology:

  1. Say the word “sorry” or something similar
  2. Take responsibility for your behavior
  3. Acknowledge your partner’s feelings
  4. Offer a plan for change

Date Night Discussion:

This week let yourselves talk about step 3: How does your partner feel when you’ve hurt their feelings?

Do these two things as your partner begins to tell you how they feel:

  • Listen to your partner’s feelings
  • Calm your inner lizard who is terrified that listening in this way means you’ll be indicted

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