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Ep. #7: Meet the Investor series: Sylvain Carle Senior Director at SecondMuse
Episode 730th May 2021 • The Tech 4 Climate Podcast • Guillaume de dorlodot
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Part 1: Meet the Investor:

In today’s episode, we will speak with Sylvain Carle, Senior director at SecondMuse which is running a global program “Venture for ClimateTech” supporting early-stage Climate Tech founders around the world. Sylvain will share with you his journey as a top Canadian Tech investor and the drivers that pushed him to jump into the ClimateTech ecosystem. You will learn that Sylvain is also a strong believer that “money is an incredible lever to change the world, and he hopes to catalyze capital for the challenges of today and the next decades”. Sylvain will also share how they evaluate impact in companies they support and the state of impact evaluation in the ClimateTech industry today.  

Part 2:My secret sauce:

In the second part of the show, Sylvain will share his secret sauce to founders seeking to build venture-backed companies covering the investment decision framework used during his investor career.


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