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047: Your Home Is Your Body Temple w/ Chef Ava
4th November 2021 • Everyday Fitness w/ Coach Marc • Marc Zimmermann & Brian Lofrumento
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About our guest: Inspired Chef Ava Malazian

Based in Arcadia, CA, Ava is a nurturing hostess and natural beautifier at heart. Inspired by her family roots in hospitality and extravagant dinner parties, her love for food and community was born.

She went on to get a bachelors in art history, an associate’s degree in interior design, and a culinary degree in plant based cuisine. Ava has worked as the head chef for top wellness retreats, personal chef for influential families, and as a plant based food and wellness educator for Whole Foods, KPFK, and Plantlab. She is a mother of two daughters and has created several food focused sustainable youth education programs. Her mission is to educate and inspire others to connect with the earth, themselves, and their families through preparing and eating health conscious food.

Ava is inspired to support home chefs to create loving connections through health conscious meals, one ingredient, one plate, and one family at a time.