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Videos. Coaching. Network Marketing. Oh, My! With Ray Higdon: Episode 6
Episode 66th March 2022 • The Marketing Plan Podcast • Sherry Bonelli
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Videos. Coaching. Network Marketing. Oh, My! With Ray Higdon: Episode 6

Ray Higdon wasn’t always a multimillionaire. Nope. Years ago, he was a successful real estate investor, but the bottom fell out and he lost everything. Bankrupt and sleeping on a friend’s couch, he was down and out. But Ray was determined to make it. Then he discovered network marketing. As Ray puts it, network marketing is often the only way entrepreneurs can become entrepreneurs.

Now Ray uses a variety of marketing strategies – especially video – to market and promote his multimillion-dollar company. In this inspiring episode of The Marketing Plan Podcast, you’ll learn a variety of motivating strategies that you can use professionally – and personally – to grow your business (and yourself!)

Learn why short-form video content is something that virtually EVERY business should do. (And, no, that doesn’t mean you need to dress up and dance on TikTok!) Ray talks about how you can make short videos with no experience, no expensive equipment and no editing tools. He even gives you ideas for your videos – that will sometimes give you surprising results!

Discover why consistency matters. (Ray went more than 11 years and never missed a day doing a video!) You’ll find out Ray’s content formula for YouTube success: the ILT concept. From just this ONE concept, you’ll learn how to create video content ideas that will fill an endless pipeline! (And you’ll also find out the ULTIMATE tip – ILTE!)

Ray also talks about how you can differentiate your business by out-teaching and bringing more value than your competition. What can you do that your competitors won’t do???

He also talks about networking marketing strategies. (How could he not talk about networking marketing?)

Investing in yourself is important. Ray discusses about why hiring a coach can help you solve specific problems or help you learn certain skills. Hiring a coach can help you shave off years of learning and help you get to where you want to go faster. Ray’s coaches include world-class experts like Grant Cardone and John Assaraf.

And finally…You’ll learn why tracking your marketing efforts is SO important to success. If you don’t track, you don’t know what’s working (or what’s NOT working!)

This jam-packed episode will give you so much information, you will want to go out and start implementing right away.

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About Ray Higdon

Ray is a best-selling author, coach, and speaker. Like many successful entrepreneurs, Ray went from bankruptcy to running a multimillion-dollar successful company. Ray loves teaching people how to find their voice and understand their worth.

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