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Ep. 14: Staying In Your Lane As A Superpower w/ Anita Asante
Episode 144th May 2022 • Joyfully Black • Joy Dixon Paul
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On today’s episode, Anita Asante joins the show to share on the superpower of staying in your own lane and how it’s created a life she is proud of. Anita is a self-described Jack of all trades, an attribute that has served her well as the Founder of B L A N C • N O I R consulting and Head of Global  Partnerships  at Afropunk, When this London- bred brand strategist isn’t handling seven figure client deals, she’s bringing a fresh perspective in the luxury creative and entertainment industry. Join us as we discuss the merits of creating a time-rich life and staying in your own lane as forms of self-care. Whether it’s creating space for travel or exercising the power of no, Anita shares how she stays booked and busy while making time for rest.

Please be sure to tag me @joyfullyblk on Instagram and Anita @__byanita and share this episode with your community to spread the word If you or someone you know has benefited from this episode. I am curious to hear all about your experience staying in your lane or how staying in your lane has benefited you!

What to listen for:

  • Set boundaries and blocks 3:45-4:02
  • The defining moment that  shifted her approach to boundaries 6:13
  • The power of saying no 8:33
  • What’s in her self-care tool box 17:48
  • Setting benchmarks to be time-rich 9:04
  • Developing a natural scalp product line, Scalp Good 21:44
  • Who inspires Anita to show up fully 24:23
  • Advice she’d give her younger self 26:03
  • Steps to move from self-doubt to self- affirmation 29:17
  • Comparison as the thief of joy 30:05
  • Travel as nourishment 34:29
  • The joy of setting out of one’s comfort zone 36:31


  • Hairvolution: Her Hair, Her Story, Our History
  • Scalp Good

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