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The Innocence of Sexuality Part 1
Episode 1519th October 2022 • Breaking Free Authentically: The Sex Positive Relationship Podcast • Karine Bedard
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Episode15: The Innocence of Sexuality Part 1


Today's guest is my dear dear friend Rosanna "RozyGlow" Hanness and we get into the Innocence of Sexuality and the difference of how it is perceived by society as evil and shameful.

Rosanna is a channel of Divine Grace, CoCreatrice of Paradise Earth and the founder of the #StarPeace movement. StarPeace is designed to seed a positive narrative into the collective consciousness of humanity allowing a shift of perspective regarding the past and the present, so we can live a future we truly desire, personally and collectively.

The Creatrice of both MultiDimensional Yoga and Coaching,  Rosanna empowers those she works with to rewrite their narrative, raise their vibration and choose to be part of the solution rather than the perceived problem.

She delights in working with creatives and visionaries to raise their vibration so they create from their soul, rather than ego wounding, by claiming their power as CoCreators of their reality and aligning with the Win Win Win and the Highest good of all. This involves awakening MultiDimensional Consciousness in those who are heart centred influencers, whom Rosanna recognises as awakening StarSeeds, so the balance of power shifts from external authority to inner authority & sovereignty. 

As a psychic and intuitive, Rosanna has received the message from her connection to the Divine, that it is time for an era of PEACE and CoCreating through JOY. Her 22 year background as a fertility, pregnancy, birth, neonatal and early years expert, has involved teaching a holistic approach to these areas through yoga & raising awareness regarding the impact of how our earliest life shapes our physiology, subconscious expectations, health and life experience. Her work includes decoding our early human imprints so we can make a true connection with our soul consciousness.

We talk about the energy of connection and how every connection whether sexual or not has an energy exchange. Sexuality holds an energetic component whether it is a deep, sacred interaction or just a fun playful session. There is still an exchange of energy with someone else. There is a level of vulnerablility in all of our interactions and we need to be aware of energy of those we engage with.

There should be no shame in the interaction. We need to release shame and get curious. How do you feel in your body around this person? Do they take your energy or is there an equal exchange of energy? Or are you forcing your energy on someone who is not ready to receive it?

We talk about honouring your boundaries and what you actually desire. It's important to know what you enjoy and be able to speak up for yourself. We revisit the concept of creating safety so that we can actually experience the innocence of pure, authentic sexuality. Checking in to our bodies before anything even happens can tell us how safe we feel is the first step to enjoying anything sexually.

At the end of the day, it's about loving yourself deeply and being able to be authentic in your sexuality.

Check out the lovely RosyGlow using these links:


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Hope you enjoyed the show!

Love, Karine

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