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#41: When you ask for something, prepare for it
Episode 418th December 2022 • Unapologetically Unstoppable: Building Kingdom Businesses with the Holy Spirit • Jeanette Peterson
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Doors shut aren’t always bad, Doors open aren’t always good

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So God has rewarded me with his favor and I love it. Because I know I know in my heart deep down, not even deep down on the surface. I know God has promises for my life and he's going to make them come true because they are for His glory. They're not for me, not for my ego

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you're listening to the unapologetically unstoppable podcast, it's about going deep into who you are made to be. And following that, no matter what, where your calling is in the front seat, and fear, well, it's trying to stop you. But fuck that guy, and getting the tools and tips to become an unstoppable. I'm your host, Jeanette Peterson, where not too long ago, I had to find my calling here, you'll hear from me and other online experts on how to discover your calling, the steps to make it happen, and how to monetize it. I believe in when we're unapologetic about our calling, we become an unstoppable expansive force. So let's get started.

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Hey, girl, hey. So I've got these things on my child's door, and they're called Monkey locks or something like that. And basically what they do is they keep the door shut, but they don't allow you to like slam your fingers in the door. And if you put it up high enough, the kids can't get out of the room. Look it up on Amazon, I'll put a link in the description. They are amazing. They keep the kids contained, and they can't slam the doors, and they can't get out. It's great. Love, love, love. I currently have this on my two year olds room at night. So that way she can't be roaming the streets and getting into playdough at three o'clock in the morning because you know, that's what they're gonna do. Also, it's on the playroom. So if she does get out or her sister gets out, I don't have a five year old having marker all over her face. You never know. You never know. So I love these locks. And sometimes in life a door is shut that you didn't know is gonna shut has ever happened to you? All of a sudden you're like, oh, oh, that oh, that door shut? Oh, cool. Yikes. Ah. Oops. Is because sometimes you think things are given to you from the Lord. And you'd be asking Him to guide your feet, guide your business, bless your business. take things away from I think I did. I said, Lord, this is not from you take it away. And you know, he did he shut that door. It was abrupt. It was quick, fast and in a hurry. I was not prepared. I mean, I asked for it. So you think I would have been prepared? That's what you need to do. When you asked you'd be prepared for whatever you ask for. Because he said that door. And he shut it hard. He like slammed. He was like boom, boom. But you know what he could also do, he could also open doors. I was reading my Bible, my biblioteka Just kidding. That’s library in Spanish. And revelations three, verse seven and eight. In turn on my Bible right now sorry. It says to the angel of the church in Philadelphia, they got good cheese steaks. I'm just getting into it. It says these are the words of him who is holy and true. Who holds the key of David what he opened, no one can shut up what he shuts, no one can open. I know your deeds. See I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength yet you keep my word and have not denied My name. So what does that telling you guys? That means as long as you're asking the Lord to give you the things you desire in your heart, you will open those doors. And I believe it. I don't believe her because he has been so faithful to me. So faithful. I can't even tell you how many times I should have been arrested or should have been caught with drugs in my car or doing them. But you know what? God is faithful. He knew. So the thing News. I got saved when I was 12 I think. And since then God has been blessing my life. I didn't know it then. Didn't know then but I know it now. And because of that the doors and he's opened since I was not even being a good follower. I was being a crappy Christian, y'all. I was not doing the things. I was going to church Hi, I was just not doing good things. But now, since I've been baptized, and I had the Holy Spirit in me, y'all better watch out. Now I'm being a good Christian I'm, well better habit that there's no such thing as a good Christian, I'm doing better things I'm trying. Like, I'm actually trying to do the things he sang, we should do walk the way he told me to walk and getting a little bit better at it every day. So God has rewarded me with his favor, and I love it. Because I know, I know, in my heart deep down, not even deep down on the surface. I know God has promises for my life. And he's going to make them come true because they are for His glory. They're not for me, not for my ego. I want to tie the million dollars, because I want to see the difference it makes in people's lives and just be able to give, I want to be able to do that because people need so much. And you know what I can do, I can do this, I am good at making money. I am good at talking. I'm good at speaking truth, and love and life into people, I can do that. And with my voice, I can do that. So with my pocketbook, I can bless others as well. Everybody has their own gift for Jesus. My gift for Jesus is not the same as your gift for Jesus. Your gift for Jesus might be doing my taxes. I don't know, your gift for Jesus might be watching kids at church that is not mine. We talked about this, but you know what? That might be your gift. So whatever doors that you were asking God for, look for them. Whatever doors you think might not be for you ask him to shut them in, don't be surprised when he does. And don't be surprised how quick he does it to be analyzing him came to the realization that we wanted a door shut. The next day it was shut. God works quick, fast and in a hurry. Or very slow, depending on his timing. I can ask God right now for a junior bacon cheeseburger from Wendy's. And you know what I might not get for a week or two. But as long as you tell him your desires, they will come true. Because he's a God of promise. As long as your desires in your heart are pure. That's it. I have another verse for that. Hold on. In James four, verse three, it says, when you ask you do not receive because you ask with wrong motives that you may spend what you get on your pleasures. What are you asking for? God knows your heart. He knows exactly why you're asking for those things. So if it's not your pure, pure intentions, you're not gonna get it I'm probably not gonna get that junior bacon cheeseburger because you know why it just fill my belly and it has nothing to do with anything of God. It's not good for me. I don't need to eat gluten. Beef doesn't do good with my body, but your good intentions are the things that you need to be having a heart on. Okay, so when you ask it might and you and you're not getting it might be because either one timing or to your motives. So check your motives. Check your motives. And if your motives are love, pure you will receive. So keep asking God for those doors to be opened or shut and know that he will do it

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oh my goodness. Now I know you're ready to take this to the next level. So what you need to do is go to Facebook join a community of bad as unapologetically unstoppable at the unapologetically unstoppable community. And you can find me in the grams at Jeanette Peterson or at Peterson and Belle. This podcast was created by me, Jeanette Peterson and Allison Hartman Our producer is The Amy Williams talk soon