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The Gap Between Knowing and Doing
17th November 2022 • The Genesis Frequency • Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna
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Have you ever considered the difference between what you do on a day to day basis and what you actually know? The majority of us rarely do all that we know how to do. In our society, a very strong emphasis has always been placed on knowledge. You were encouraged to go to school, study the material, then if you could remember enough of what you studied; you might pass a test then eventually receive a certificate or a degree that states you now have knowledge within your field of study.

But do you do what you know or do you often ask yourself, 'Why the heck did I do that? I know better!" This is a behavioral  trap we all get entangled in because no matter how much knowledge we may have, our paradigms are always in control and may not be supportive of the life we would love to live.

We must understand these paradigms which are really our subconscious programming. Once we understand what they are and how they are always at work, we must go about the business of identifying our own controlling paradigms, even the ones that are not readily apparent and buried deep within our subconscious mind.

In this episode, I go to work helping you to understand exactly what paradigms are. In the next episode I will take a look at how we change them to be supportive. This can only happen in a certain way so it would serve you well to listen to all these episodes moving forward to help you set up your best new year ever which will be here before we know it!

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Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.

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