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Special Announcements! Collaborations, Mini Series, and More ...
Episode 2Bonus Episode11th December 2020 • BT Focus • Centria Autism
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In this "Special Announcements!" episode of the BT Focus Podcast, we share two new exciting initiatives for the feed heading into 2021.

First, we will be premiering two Centria original podcast series on the feed: "Do Wonders Podcast" hosted by Timothy Yeager, BCBA and VP of Clinical Curriculum & Quality at Centria - where you will learn about team members across the organization and how each contributes to our powerful mission of "helping every childing living with autism to develop, pursue, and achieve their own goals and dreams through high-quality ABA therapy and support."

Next, we will be showcasing the "Three Host Contingency" podcast hosted by Centria Clinical Leadership which focuses on key clinical initiatives throughout the organization in support of our clinicians, behavior technicians, and families.

Finally, we will be launching our first mini-series - all about the RBT Task List! Each week we will unpack each Task List item, its relevance to practice, key takeaways, and special challenges - a perfect listen for soon to be RBT test-takers and seasoned practitioners alike.

Let's Get Focused!