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Episode 2: Valuable Insights On How To Boost Your Job Search and gain a competitive advantage In A Covid 19 Affected Job Market. An interview with Andy Preston Group Director of Ignata
Episode 215th May 2020 • Career Move SECRETS with Tony Talbot • Tony Talbot
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Andy Preston has been working in the recruitment industry for nearly 20 years. He has built and managed three successful recruitment businesses, opened recruitment offices in London, Dubai and Sydney and led teams of over 100 recruitment consultants.

He has experience of a range of sectors including FMCG, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Accountancy, Intellectual Property, Energy and consulting.

Andy knows how both the permanent and contract recruitment markets work worldwide and he is generous in sharing his knowledge with me.

In our conversation Andy reveals his thoughts on the COVID-19 affected job market and is able to offer some positive news stories.

He does however feel that the job market will become more of a buyers market and much more competitive for job seekers moving forward.

Luckily Andy outlines what makes a really good candidate and what you should improve to become one and out perform your competition