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Leading Business Development in a Large Accounting Firm
Episode 223rd April 2018 • Accounting Influencers Podcast • Rob Brown (Accounting Influencers Roundtable - AIR)
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Dave Fisher

Dave Fisher is Director of Business Development in one of the country’s premier accounting firms, Duncan and Toplis. With a strong local presence across 11 offices throughout the region, the firm offers accounting services and specialist business advice to a range of clients in retail, manufacturing, technology, IT, GP practices, leisure, academies, nursing homes, engineering, agriculture, logistics and transport. Listen to this engaging interview with a battle-hardened BD heavyweight and discover:

  • The two things a good BD director in a large accounting firm is actually responsible for
  • The role of mindset and importance of ‘being fearless’ for accountants in winning work
  • How accounting BD has changed over the years, particularly in the many routes to market
  • The two distinct approaches to the BD Director role in large accounting firms – collegiate vz gorilla
  • Why a pure BD ‘hunting’ approach to handing work over can often be flawed in accounting firms
  • The key differences between sales, marketing and business development in accounting
  • The attributes and skills that make a great accounting work winner or business developer
  • What a ‘no’ really means when selling accounting services and winning new work
  • Why accountants are not mentally resilient enough, and what to do about it
  • Why it’s everyone’s job in your accounting firm to win business and create new opportunities
  • The power of the accounting BD Director, and how it can be good and bad
  • How winning work is different across professional services, say in accounting and law
  • Tips for setting growth targets in a large accounting firm
  • The importance and tools for tracking growth and new business in a large accounting firm
  • How accounting technology is changing the work winning game in accounting firms
  • Tips for hiring talent if accounting firms want to push BD and enhance work winning capability
  • Where the opportunities lie for the most lucrative business development activity in accounting firms
  • Relationship building tip for accountants: a simple measure of whether you like somebody or not
  • The challenges of GDPR and BREXIT in changing how accounting business is won
  • How far ahead plans are made when it comes to strategic growth in accounting firms
  • The importance of succession planning, not just for the accounting firm but for the work winning effort
  • The ONE THING accounting firms fall foul of in developing their people to win work
  • You win or you learn‘ – an extremely effective philosophy for winning work in a large accounting firm.

To contact Dave:

07860 711 053 or Liked your PFA Podcast Interview with Rob Brown" target="_blank">email him directly>>



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