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Is Unresolved Trauma Killing Your Joy? w/Elizabeth Cush
Episode 424th January 2023 • SoloMoms! Talk • J. Rosemarie
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Having unresolved trauma can distract us from our goals and kill our joy.

In this interview, I sit down with Elizabeth Cush (LCPC), a licensed clinical professional counselor, women's life coach, and business owner. Elizabeth is also the host of the Awaken Your Wise Woman podcast, and she shares her valuable insights on mental health, self-care, and dealing with past trauma.

Elizabeth's perspective on the importance of mental health and self-care is clear - it's not just about feeling good, but about being able to show up fully in life.

But what about past trauma that continues to linger and affect our present-day well-being? Elizabeth stresses the importance of addressing past trauma in order to move forward in life. She recommends seeking out therapy or counseling to process and heal from past trauma.

But how does unresolved trauma seep into our everyday life and affect our decisions? Elizabeth illustrates how unresolved trauma can lead to self-sabotaging behaviors and repeating negative patterns.

It's not just about individual instances of trauma, but about the accumulation of unresolved experiences that can shape our beliefs and actions.

Through this interview, we gain valuable knowledge and understanding on the importance of addressing past trauma to improve overall well-being.

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