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Absurdity of Life: Hope Lopez Uses Humor to Empower
Episode 13010th April 2024 • ENCUENTRAS YOUR VOICE • Consuelo Crosby
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Hope Lopez shares her experiences of navigating a culturally diverse upbringing, shining a light on the challenges she has overcome.

Colorism in Society | Machismo in the Cultura | Bias Within La Familia

From advocating for representation to amplifying marginalized voices, Hope delves into her exciting journey in the film industry driven by her passion for writing scripts.

Writing Stories to Share Her Truth | Creating Inclusive Spaces in Film | Finding Strength to Persevere

Leading Moonlight Comedy Productions, she promotes genuine and diverse humor, demonstrating that laughter is a powerful remedy for the soul.

View Ourselves With Grace | Find Humor in Everyday Life | Disrupt Using Humor For Oppression

Hope is all about injecting humor and absurdity into our lives, using it as a tool to transform our self-perceptions. By breaking away from societal norms, she creates environments where authenticity thrives in a state of vulnerability.

Authenticity Requires Vulnerability | Living with Sexual Assault

Please note, this episode contains reference to sexual assault. Stated authentically yet without detail, this recording may evoke responses. Please take agency to protect yourself in well being.

Fab work created by Hope: a short film called A Rose’s Thorn (2022) and she also co-wrote/produced a short film, SuperNed (2023).

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Consuelo is a First Gen Peruvian, structural engineer, mother and Scorpio fired Latina out to hold the mic and shine the light for Latinas defining today's cultura in their authenticity.

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