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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 63, 29th October 2018
Don't Micromanage The Future Out Of Your Podcast [Episode 63]

Don't Micromanage The Future Out Of Your Podcast [Episode 63]

Syndicating a podcast the right way is a mix of art and science. Knowing the right combination of text and images to place in a variety of mostly hidden fields -- mostly RSS feeds and ID3 tags -- is tricky because the field is constantly changing. 

And with the advent of new ways of listening -- watches, cars, countertop devices -- the pace of change is happening even faster, forcing those of us who offer strategic podcast consulting services to adjust our own ideas of "perfect balance" when advising our clients on the types, format, and style of content necessary.

That pace of change won't slow down anytime soon. Sometimes, our requests seem inscrutable. After all, if the end client can't see the point of the change... why do it?

Because, if we're good at our jobs, we're thinking of the future at least as much as the present state of affairs.

Planning for an uncertain future isn't something that can be easily micromanaged. Especially when the micromanaging comes from sources less-well-versed on all the nuances required.

In this short episode, I'll make the case for using trust to ensure your podcast is set for the future. And yes, that trust flows both ways.