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Episode 196. If it were up to me, Marillion would be more like Disney
Episode 19612th February 2024 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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There are so many positives about having Mike Hunter joining us on TCD (sorry Lucy) and just one slight downside.

The positives are so obvious that they almost write themselves, I mean let's start with sheer bloody congnisance. It was such a joy after three previous attempts (and numerous aborted run-ups) to actually put some proper narrative and understanding around the 'With Friends' project.

Mike provides the insight and joins the dots with the effortlessness of a man who really can recall what we did and why we did it. He is undoubtedly the glue in so many ways, and as much as we cherish him, we could still do it more.

And the slight downside I hear you cry? Well, both Ant and I do feel like we have to be on our best behaviour when he's around. It doesn't come naturally to either of us...

Now for God's sake, shut the curtains...


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