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Holistic Business Matters - Helen Harding EPISODE 81, 9th September 2021
How to Name Your Holistic Business
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How to Name Your Holistic Business

Working in health and wellbeing, deciding what you should call your business can be challenging. This isn't something that only affects new practitioners, established ones are often forced to re-visit their business name as their business evolves.

There are often fears around the decision such as using my name will make me look small, or no one will want to pay for my services if they know it’s just me. 

There’s also the belief that a business name will give you the appearance of being more professional, or established or bigger than you really are.

  • (01:43) Start with your vision
  • (02:45) Personal connection
  • (03:27) Working under your own name
  • (06:10) Creating a business name

Podcast 47: Creating a vision for your holistic business

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