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E79 | [Rebroadcast] Nic Marks: Measuring the Population’s Happiness
Episode 7918th February 2020 • Mind Your F**king Business • Dominic Monkhouse
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Today’s guest is Nic Marks, CEO and Founder of Friday, the company Nic set up to track employee happiness, in order to help businesses build a more positive, productive work culture. 

A statistician by trade but with a background as a therapist, Nic has a slightly weird speciality—happiness—having used it spending the last three decades creating a measure of people’s quality of life. Nic firmly believes that measuring happiness kick-starts a process which ultimately builds happiness.

In just over 6 years, Nic and the team at Friday have worked with more than 9,000 teams across 1,000 organisations, measuring and improving happiness at work. Happiness is a great proxy for quickly judging how things are in a team at a moment in time—if you’re happy at work things are likely to be going well, if you’re not happy, they’re not. 

On today’s podcast:

  • Why Nic measures happiness
  • How happiness is an indicator of how content people are
  • The benefits of increasing happiness among the population of the UK
  • The link between happiness and political affiliation
  • Why Friday is the best day of the week to conduct a happiness survey
  • 5 ways to increase happiness at work