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What if Zeke never snitched
Episode 414th December 2021 • What if Anime • Hopewell Valley Student Publication Network
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Show Name: Anime What if

Episode #4: What if Zeke never snitched

You are listening to the Anime What if podcast with your host(s) Ben Thompson and Eli miller.

In this episode of Anime What If the Podcast we discuss: How we will run our podcast, and our first theory about Attack on titan.

Segment 1: Introduction

This will be explaining anime and what we will talk about

Segment 2: We will talk about what would happen in Zeke never snitched

● What if Zeke never betrayed his parents

● Zeke would of died with his mother

● Graisha gets married in the walls and has eren

● Eren life goes according to plan

● Graisha dies and gives eren the founding and attack titan

● Eren mom dies because conner titan

● Galliard and piec would infiltrate the walls

● Yimir would not need to reveal that she is the jaw titan

● Reiner berhotl vs eren and ymir

● Yimir and eren get taken away

● They save both eren and ymir

● Reiner gets caught and beat titan throws Berholt into battle

● Lots of people die

● Levi destroys galliard

● Piec saves galliard

● Erwin survives

● Armin gets colossal titan

● Eren never makes deal with zeke

● They make a plan for eren to get warm hammer together

● Events transpire same way but easier because eren has even more help from eldians

● Eren gets the war hammer titan and the armored titan

● Eren gets attack in pardias by marley in the end paradise wins

Segment 3: Surprise reveal of next episodes theory, what if Killua never

joined Gon on his journey.

End of the podcast, reveal next episodes theory and anime

Music Credits: Mr.ruiZ

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