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109 | Astrological Insights for Spring / Fall 2020 | Mimi Truong
11th March 2020 • The Sovereign Society • Sabrina Riccio
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As we approach the first Spring / Fall season of the decade, best believe revolutionary change is on the horizon. Navigating through these changing times, astrology has the power to help us in a way of understanding, a deeper sense of awareness, and an overall insight into this season. Astrologer Mimi Troung is here to share with us what to expect this astrological season, including a MASSIVE Saturnian Shift coming through to teach us how to honor our emotions while embracing what it means to be a sacred disruptor.


In this episode, Mimi and I talked about….

☾ Mimi’s journey embracing astrology

☾ Understanding the universality of language

☾ Why Mercury Retrograde is your BFF

☾ What to expect Spring / Fall season 2020

☾ Navigating through a Saturn Transition and Retrograde

☾ How to navigate through social change

☾ Understanding the Lunar Nodes

 ... plus so much more.