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Sarah Gemmell | Unlock the Secrets to Genuine Networking
Episode 4421st May 2024 • Women Choosing Growth • Tina Sue
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Episode 44 – Unlock the Secrets to Genuine Networking


In this dynamic episode of the Women Choosing Growth podcast titled "Unlock the Secrets to Genuine Networking," hosted by Tina Moser and featuring guest speaker Sarah Gemmell, listeners are offered an in-depth exploration of strategic networking and referral generation. Known as the Queen of Networking, Sarah shares her unique journey from a psychology and counseling background to becoming a successful entrepreneur, leveraging networking to drive business growth.

Sarah discusses her transition from working in the social services sector to embracing fitness and ultimately finding her true calling in networking. Throughout the episode, she emphasizes the importance of having the right intentions, crafting effective messaging, and nurturing relationships to make networking a powerful tool for business success.

Listeners will gain valuable insights into avoiding common networking pitfalls and learn actionable strategies for building meaningful connections that lead to tangible business results. The conversation is filled with practical advice, making it an essential listen for anyone looking to enhance their networking skills and business growth strategies.

What Will You Learn from the Show:

  • The Power of Intentionality: Gain insights into how intentional networking can be a catalyst for business growth, understanding the difference between strategic connections and superficial interactions.
  • Building Lasting Relationships: Learn techniques for nurturing genuine relationships that go beyond transactional networking, discovering how authenticity can foster trust and collaboration.
  • Navigating Networking Challenges: Identify common networking pitfalls and learn strategies to overcome them, equipping yourself with the tools to navigate networking events with confidence and purpose.
  • Effective Communication: Understand the importance of clear messaging and active listening in building meaningful connections, and learning to articulate your value proposition authentically.
  • Strategic Networking: Discover strategies for identifying and connecting with key influencers and mentors who can offer valuable insights and support on your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Personal Growth: Explore how stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing networking opportunities can lead to personal and professional growth, cultivating resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges.


  • "Networking is about creating relationships, not just collecting business cards." – Sarah Gemmell
  • "Give more than you expect to receive." – Sarah Gemmell
  • "Be yourself; people connect with authenticity." – Sarah Gemmell
  • "Clear messaging is key; know what you want and communicate it effectively." – Sarah Gemmell
  • "Connect with influencers who align with your values and vision for long-term growth." – Sarah Gemmell
  • "Embrace discomfort; that's where growth happens." – Sarah Gemmell





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