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123: Lydia D. ⎪ Quiet Moments that Ignite your Life
Episode 12312th July 2021 • The Success Finder Podcast • Brandon Straza
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Lydia D. is a community leader, master life/leadership coach, speaker, and diversity trainer. She's had success with her career as an entrepreneur, a mentor, support groups member and president, board member and president of charity groups. She is also the founder at Enter.Wellness, where she provides thoughtful and engaging executive/life coaching, group coaching, diversity training services.

Lydia believes that Coaching is a helpful way to develop yourself as an executive/person, work through challenges, or live a more focused life. Whether you are looking for diversity training or life or leadership coaching, She will always remain deeply committed to your success, challenge you, remind you of the strength you have, and provide the nurturing structure to help you accomplish more.


[00:39 – 03:41] Opening Segment

  • I introduce our guest, Lydia D.
  • I share our story about how we met at a mastermind.
  • Connect with our guest. See links below.

[03:41 – 09:20] Lydia’s Learning Journey

  • Lydia’s change in learning from her early years vs today
  • The importance of quiet moments and time for yourself. 
  • How to move on slow days.
  • Lydia shares his daily routine, involving: exercise, meditation, journaling and more. 
  • Attracting inspiration.

[09:20 – 21:21:] Lydia’s Multiple Coaches and Mentors

  • Lydia’s shares how his father connected her with her coach.
  • The hard work that involves finding a mentor.
  • Parents as her first mentors.
  • How being flexible helps getting unstuck. 
  • Why standard education should evolve to a more flexible system.

[21:21 –30:00:] Lydia’s Reality

  • Not coaching everybody.
  • What to expect when working with Lydia.
  • Going deeper into the box.
  • How just word of mouth help her reach multiple coaching clients. 
  • Coaching a congressman.
  • Moving from motion to emotion.
  •  Having a close relationship with her clients, they become family.

[30:00 – 38:00] Defining Success

  • Lydia’s definition of success 
  • There is no such thing as failure, struggle or heartache.
  • Create your alarm foundation.
  • Elevate your clients to the state that you’re in.
  • Going back to study.
  • The reason why she founded Enter.Wellness

[38:00 – 43:00] Closing segment

  • Upcoming mastermind.
  • Finding quiet moments in your day. 
  • Closing thoughts.

Tweetable Quotes:

“Be flexible in the moment, learn with the new, and be in the state of continuously evolving.” - Lydia D. 

“There is no such thing as failure, there is no such thing as struggle, there is no such thing as heartache. It is only here to redirect you, it is only here to teach you, it is only here to elevate you ” -Lydia D. 

“You can only elevate your clients to the state that you're in” - Lydia D.

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