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Ep 123: Your Story Matters with Carolyn Stine
Episode 12329th August 2022 • Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending • Kelly Mobeck
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We have been talking all month about various topics and how it relates to getting outside your comfort zone, and I know how often owning our story and sharing it can be vulnerable and way out of our comfort zone. Today Carolyn Stine and I are going to have a conversation about the importance of storytelling as both a tool for connecting you deeply to your audience, what it opens within you to be seen as your full and real self, and how it helps you to embody a new paradigm of leadership.

Carolyn Stine is a Messaging & Storytelling Coach for female founders, business owners, and leaders. She supports you in extracting your essence into elevated marketing that converts. Her work is high-level mentorship meets done-with-you copy and marketing that helps clients distil your unique story, differentiators, and offerings into incredibly magnetic marketing that lives across your business ecosystem. Through 13+ years of experience in marketing, strategy, and writing for digital brands and 2 businesses she built in consulting and coaching, Carolyn has seen firsthand how unleashing your story and activating your voice truly unleashes your most aligned business growth.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

(05:14) Carolyn’s story

(14:45) Creative liberation

(16:41) Human experience

(34:12) Content can be anything!

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Hey everyone. I'm Kelly Mok, a coach, and a leadership trainer, and I'm super passionate about helping. Find out who you are authentically as a leader, own it and go out and make an impact in your life and the lives of others. This world needs your leadership, your gifts, your unique brilliance. And I believe that real leaders don't wait.

They create, I know firsthand that life is gonna throw us curve balls, that we're gonna doubt our greatness, our ideas, and our contributions. And my goal is that you believe in yourself beyond reason. And I get to be a coach and a champion for you each week, so that you feel inspired, motivated, and most important in action toward your unique impact in this world.

So let's jump in. Hey, there, everyone. This is coach Kelly and I am so excited because we're bringing guests back. We're bringing guests back and. Today, we have an amazing guest here. I am so incredibly thrilled for you guys to get to hear from her, cuz she's amazing. She is such a gift and I am so thrilled to have her.

Um, she was introduced to me by April lichens and you all might remember her from episode one. She really helped us. Ways to help manage our stress. In fact, I'm bringing her back for season three because she's got so much more to give and share with all of you. So I'm, I'm so excited. Guests are coming back and let's talk about who April introduced me to.

And when we spoke, gosh, it was maybe a month or maybe two months ago. It was like this instant connection. And I just knew, I knew in my heart that you all. Absolutely get to hear from her. Her name is Carolyn Stein and I just I'm so excited cuz we're gonna have a conversation about the importance of storytelling as both a tool for connecting you deeply to your audience.

So where are my women entrepreneurs out there? You're gonna wanna listen up. Hello women leaders. This is gonna be so fantastic for you. You know what it's gonna be fantastic for all of you, whether you're an entrepreneur or not. And I'll tell you why, because connecting with our real authentic story is so important and Carolyn's gonna absolutely tell us all the reasons, all the things that's gonna be amazing.

She's gonna talk with us about what opens up within you to be seen as you're full and real self and how it helps you to embody a new paradigm of leader. Hello. And, you know, we are here for a new paradigm of leadership. That's why we have this podcast. That's why you all listen. And so you can probably guess why she's here.

And I'm so incredibly excited. We've been talking all month about various topics and how it relates to getting outside of your comfort zone. Why sometimes our comfort zone can actually stop us from moving through. And I know often owning our story. And sharing it can be really vulnerable. And way, way, way out of our comfort zones, it just can.

So I knew having Carolyn here to help us connect with the importance of it would be an excellent fit today and really round out that series of getting outside our comfort zone. So I'm so excited to introduce you to Carolyn Stein. She is a messaging and storytelling coach for female founders, business owners and leaders.

Hi, y'all. All she's here. She supports you in extracting your essence into elevated marketing that converts cuz that's what we would want. Her work is high level mentorship meets done with you. Copy and marketing that helps clients distill their unique story, differentiators and offerings into incredible magnetic.

Marketing that lives across your business ecosystem. How great is that? Through 13 plus years of experience in marketing strategy and writing for digital brands and two businesses, she built. In consulting and coaching, Carolyn has seen firsthand how unleashing your story and activating your voice truly unleashes your most aligned business growth.

We are here for that. Carolyn. I am so thrilled. It took us a couple months, right. To get our schedules lined up because Hey, we're women on a mission and I am so excited to welcome you to the podcast. Thrilled to have you here. Can you share a little bit more about yourself and why you're so passionate about helping women connect with their stories?

Yes. Oh my gosh, Kelly. Thank you so much. What an introduction. I am so happy to be here, especially with your incredible community and audience. So thank you off top. You are you having me? Oh my goodness. You're so welcome. I'm like a kid in a candy store right now, so happy. I feel that way too. I'm like, I'm just happy to be here.

Yes. Yes. Okay. So let me, I'll let you in, on kind of the real, real. On my story. Okay. Um, so, you know, I started out like anybody else going down the corporate route after college, living in New York city, I started working in the fashion industry. I worked there for about a decade and I was doing, you know, digital strategy operations, all of the things.

Um, getting promoted, making more and more money working for really high profile brands like club MoCo and hug go boss, you know, checking all the boxes, moving through the steps that we all were taught that we were supposed. I was really unhappy. I was really uncomfortable. I felt a lot of itchiness kind of within myself.

And I didn't have really the self-awareness or the emotional vocabulary to be able to put my finger on that at the time. So I just kept going and because I was doing the things I thought I was supposed to be doing, I thought there were something wrong with me. So I kind of just buried that. Okay. And kept going along the path, moving along the ladder and.

a last ditch effort in around:

On my account and just kind of opening up to the world and it brought me such great pleasure to have this creative outlet, but it was just humming along on the side as such. And it was in my last corporate job at Chovan actually managing all of their digital platforms at their headquarters in New York.

It was at my last corporate job there that I finally realized just had this kind of lightning bolt, which resulted really in a bit of a dark night of the soul for me, where I was like, This isn't making you happy, and it is your responsibility at the end of the day, to be in touch with your desires, to be in touch with what you want and to be able to define what makes you happy and to go out it because after doing this for 10 years, Nothing's changed.

d up at the very beginning of:

Yeah. And I just kind of sat in it and I was like, what do I actually want? Who am I like these core core questions, which I actually don't think we fundamentally spend enough time with. Right. And it was at that point that I moved in alone for the first time in my life. I started my first business as a consultant, you know, became an entrepreneur, met and.

These new communities of incredible women yeah. Who were kind of doing, doing something similar in their own way and just started this new. And the first business that I built was working with brands from tiny startups to big international companies on social media strategy, digital content strategy. So really pulling on everything I had done in my corporate life.

Um, but having the freedom to kind of create and. Build a life that was really in line with how I wanted to be living mm-hmm . And it was funny because along those times, and also by the way, it was still doing the blog was still doing the Instagram realized along the way, how beautiful and connective the power of social media was mm-hmm for meeting people, meeting clients.

That was the beginning of how I started building my business and started on. I. But I realized so much as I was meeting other women in these female entrepreneurial circles. What I heard time and time again, was how challenging showing up and marketing was for them. Mm-hmm like how it was often the thing that was the thing they dreaded the most on their to-do list.

Mm-hmm, creating messaging for their businesses, creating content, showing up, showing up on stories on Instagram, letting themselves speaking it. And in my head every time I would say, you know, But that's the funnest part. That's what, where I refrain that would always come through to myself. That's the, that's the funnest part.

ciest part. And I realized in:

aching business at the end of:

And I love this so much because taking leaps of faith I think are so. Important and having that courage to realize here I am doing what I should be doing for you guys. I am air quoting, should as y'all know, because should, is we just don't go there. You know, I always say don't should on yourself. It's not pretty.

And, um, it's like a quick sand, right? But like what you said, checking all the boxes, doing what I was supposed to do or what I should be doing and realizing that your soul was not. Like it was almost kind of sucking your soul. Right. And I, what you said, I was like, Ooh, I got goosebumps. I burned it all to the ground.

I just boo done. And then I sat in it. I sat in it, which by the way, that in itself can be so uncomfortable to sit in the reality. Right. Sit in the reality. And it's so important. It's so important to really get all the feels, which sometimes we don't wanna do, but get all the feels and really dig and ask yourself some of those questions that you did.

Like what do I really want? What really lights me up? What am I passionate about to give yourself that space, to be able to do that? Well, hello. Hello. I love that so much. And I can hear the passion, like I know too. And especially as a coach working with, with women, it, it can be really challenging to own, like, you know what that question, like, tell me about your story.

I don't have a story. What do you mean a story? We all have a story. We all have a story, right? We all do. It's just that. I think how it relates to that comfort zone is that we dim it in some way, or we make it insignificant or like, eh, we start comparing it maybe to other people's story. So I am so grateful that you took that leap of faith.

Got super clear, started your coaching business and are helping women leaders really embracing their story. It's so important, so important. And, um, I'm curious what you. Notice, like what begins to open up for the women that you work with when they fully embody their story? What do you start to notice about that?

Oh my gosh. How much time do you have

I would say that there's a lot of different layers and levels to this. And it's funny. I think that so often we jump straight to the, oh, it has a huge impact on their business, the income growth, the X, Y, Z the expansive there from a numerical perspective, the aligned clients brought in. And I see a lot of marketing around that and that's okay.

But I truly see the most open up within my clients and within women who are doing this. For a couple of different reasons. The first is it's actually incredibly cathartic. When you are able to get in touch with yourself, take yourself back to moments in your story that felt important to you connect to your, your ideal client as well through going back through your story and saying, oh wow.

My ideal client might have been in a similar place. They might be in a similar place now, and this person might need to hear this medicine from me today. Mm-hmm and being able to share that and express that openly. Is so healing on so many levels because it makes you feel like you and your S story matter yes.

And are important. And with all of us, whether we're sharing on Instagram, LinkedIn, email, newsletter, podcast, whatever platforms we're showing up on, I think at the end of the day, what we're doing, you know, through the lens of service is, you know, trying to, to make meaning and to, to share something that matters to even one person.

And. If we can touch even one person with a piece of content, with a word, with a story, whatever it is, any given day, I think of that as a success. And it's really about making an emotional connection with people, which is what all relationships are built on. And so coming back to your question, it's really about building a relationship with yourself.

Mmm. And tapping into your magic feeling that flow through you, feeling so excited and lit up to be able to share and to express yourself. And there's a huge creativity element to that too, that I find this unlocks for people and not just creativity in your business, but creativity in your expression.

And I found that more and more, especially in kind of this new era of, of content, of social media, of, you know, business sharing that we're all in. I think that our creative liberation. Is highly undervalued and it's also a true money maker for your business. There you go. You know, and I love what you just said.

It's, it's highly under, it can be highly undervalued. Yeah. And it really is gonna create that impact. In your business with, as you said, as a moneymaker impact with your clients, so on and so on and so on, it just ripples right out there when we embrace it and it can be so incredibly uncomfortable. I love what you said.

It's really about building that relationship with yourself and really. Owning that and embracing that and sharing that. And I love also that lens of service because I really believe we are on this planet to learn, to grow. And contribute to others. I just think that that's part of the human experience a hundred percent.

Yes. That's why it's so powerful because there's an individual result and then there's a collective result as well. Mm-hmm and obviously, you know, your business again, the like the extraneous pieces, there's that growth too, but one of the most powerful pieces. We get to be an example of somebody taking ownership of all parts of themselves and not just the shiny parts that we like, but all pieces, the, the messy bits, the shadowy bits, the things that, you know, other people need to hear about and would very much relate to and feel.

Less alone hearing about, we get to take ownership of that, and that has incredible ripple effects with the collective. I love that the messy bits and the shadow bits, because so many times we're like, oh gosh, I can't share that because what will people think? And yet what you're saying? And I think it's so true.

That is something that somebody wants to hear because it connects they're not alone. Oh, wait a second. Somebody else is experiencing. Something similar or very similar. Right. And so it opens up. It allows, I think, in, in, in the context of leadership, when we take that ownership and we take that lead and we share all parts, not just the shiny, but the messy bits, as you say, I love that it creates space for others to do the same.

Do the same thing. And we are really here having a human. What is, what's that saying? I, I know I'm probably not gonna get this correct in this moment, but like we're here having a human experience. People let's go. Right. Let's go. Yeah. Yeah. And so you're helping women be able to really hone in on that. And I imagine.

That well, tell me, let, let, I can imagine all sorts of things I wanna really hear from you. Like why you see this as so important for women and their businesses. Why is this really important? Oh my gosh. I mean, from a business perspective, I always say, you know, you can't sell about stories. Truly like if you are looking to grow your business, if you're looking to connect with clients, whether that's from a service perspective or product perspective, whatever it is, story is the vehicle for creating emotional connection with your people, creating deep connection, deep relationships.

And that is the, you know, you hear that marketing phrase all the time. No, like trust. This is how you cultivate. Yes, this is how you cultivate that, that deep, trusted connection that precedes a conversion that precedes a sale because I mean, obviously the way our emotions based and values based economy are moving as well.

It's less about commodity. It's less about pricing. If you're competing on price, you're not gonna win. If you're building relationships with people and using your messaging and your storytelling as a tool for connecting, they see you as an experience, not a commodity. And then you. Competing in a completely different plane.

And I think that is where we all seek to compete and to create from cuz I think that's where really sustainable businesses now and in the future are going to be playing in order to remain relevant. And when I say remain relevant, that feels like marketing speak, but it's really about remain. And creating authentic relationships.

Well, I think that's true. And I think remaining relevant is gonna always be the thing, because just what you absolutely just said, building and maintaining those authentic relationships a hundred percent, it is about relationship. And I love that really highlighting that when we are being authentic, when we're showing up, when we're sharing our story.

I feel like we're gonna also attract more of the people we wanna work with, we wanna serve. Right. Because that's that, that connection they've connected in the no like trust and it's, it's super important. And I'm, I'm here for the relevance. I'm here for the relevance. I love that. I love that. What do you see?

Because I've been talking all month about. Getting outside the comfort zone in many different contexts. And so that's why I was really excited. We could make this work for, for August because, and, and where we're gonna round this series out with you, because what do you see and how does all of this relate with, for women in getting out of their comfort zones?

Mm-hmm what do you, what do you see here? Yeah, I'm gonna let you roll with this. Ooh. Yes. That's such a good question. So, first of all, I wanna acknowledge that. Yes, it can be hard. Mm-hmm this, isn't a switch that you flip. And I think that this really goes back to, and I always use this example as kind of a way of giving people acceptance around it being sometimes a challenge and something we get to work through as a practice.

But if you think about human beings, right. Like you could say our core need as humans is to belong. Mm-hmm and that is, you know, something that is deeply ingrained from an evolutionary perspective. Sure. Yeah. Back to the times when humans, literally, if you got thrown out of the pack, thrown out of the tribe, thrown out of the thrown out of the clan, out of the cave.

You were you literally, your life was at risk, right? Mm-hmm you needed to be there to have food, um, to have water, to have shelter, to have fire in order to be able to survive. Mm-hmm . And so I think we have a really ingrained impulse to want to belong yeah. To want to belong and to want to be safe. Yeah.

And so a lot of times what that means is we are saying, or not saying, or editing, if you will, what we're sharing so that we belong to the. And I think that that runs directly contradictory to this idea of us being super open and transparent and speaking our minds and saying the things that we wanna say and not watering them down.

Mm-hmm . And so I just really wanted to share that as a really grounding example or not even example, that's not the right word, but just a really grounding principle for us to remember that. Yeah, this is a struggle and it is universal and it's a tension that exists in. That being said there is, especially now, now that, you know, for the most part we are, we are safe individuals.

There is just so much to be gained. By choosing to intentionally step outside of our comfort zones and meet a new edge in our voice and our expression. I think that it's through meeting new edges and through some of these uncomfy bits, these crunchy bits, if you will, that we end up really expanding our capacity to hold more, to know ourselves more, to serve at a deeper level and to connect with people more.

Because I think the more that we can be. Expressing ourselves fully, the more that we can also be seeing and appreciating that and, and bringing that out in others too. Mm-hmm and I think seeing it as a practice, not as something somebody has or doesn't have, or, you know, innate or not born with or not. Um, but seeing it as something we all get to cultivate a muscle, we get to warm up and continually work and strengthen is a really, I think self-compassion and grace giving way to.

I love this so much. And I think it's great that you set that context about like what it was like, and, you know, if we were cut off from our tribe, right. And that lack of safety, and I love how you brought it in, like we're actually safe. We, you guys were all safe, right. It sometimes doesn't feel like it, but we are.

And so how that's contributed to where we will edit. Distort delete, maybe even embellish in some ways, actually right. To belong to belong or that perception that we belong, right. The perception that we belong and actually where we're really creating the belonging is when we're really leaning in to what our truth is to authentically who we be.

Right. And, and that can be uncomfortable. It can be uncomfortable. And I think what we forget so often is that hi, as soon as I speak my truth or share, what's really true. Uh, that's gonna open up some things. That's gonna spark a conversation. That's gonna ignite a passion. That's why this podcast is called.

Let's be honest. Before we start pretending we can work with honesty, pretending we can't. Can't work with it, right? So I love that so much and it will, 100% require stretching outside the comfort zone. I always say this, get comfortable being uncomfortable, right? Get comfortable being uncomfortable. What does that mean?

I'm gonna be uncomfortable because I'm constantly learning and growing, but uncomfortable. Doesn't have to be massively significant. right, because what you shared is it's not a one and done it is we are constantly growing, learning, evolving. And so it's not a one undone. It's constantly looking at that and what the next levels are.

And so I think that the work you're doing is so incredibly important where you're really getting to be with women to teach them and coach them on, you know, how do you do that? And. Help them really. Navigate that for themselves and their businesses. It's amazing. Amazing. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah, it's a, it's a combination of, I would say expression and articulation.

Yeah. You know, like how are we, how are we bringing forth our juicies. Personal expression. And then also, you know, the, the counterbalance of that, especially as we're creating businesses, how are we able to articulate that in a way that lands with our ideal clients, how are we able to articulate our mission, our ethos, our story, our offer, the tremendous value and the transformation that our work begets so that our ideal client understands it so that it lands with them immediately so that it's in language.

Is what they use with themselves, with their friends, with their loved ones, X, Y, Z. And so I think that kinda the combination of those two pieces is really the sweet spot. Well, I think that's super important because it's one thing to. Embody our story, understand our truth. And then it's quite another to share it in a way that it actually lands and speaking another person's language and we can get stuck there so much.

So it's so great that you can, you know, translate that if you will or help your clients translate that. So it's really landing for their ideal client and they're like, Yes, please. That's amazing. Amazing. You know, I'm so excited about really hearing from you about the new paradigm of leadership that occurs when we embody our full and real self, you know, bring it, drop it.

Tell. Love it. Well, it's so funny cuz I mean, we, I feel like we haven't really used the word leadership thus far, but everything we've been talking about is inherently leadership, right? Yes. Yes. Like owning the edges of our voice, showing up and saying the damn thing, you know, all of these things we've been talking about being scared, being uncomfortable and moving forward anyway, and being able to hold the duality of having a desire and also feeling uncomfortable.

If that's not leadership, I don't know what it's, you know, if that's not modeling, I don't know what it's. Yes. Um, but I think that, you know, our previous conception of leadership was, you know, probably the guy, you know, all buttoned up in the suit. The corner office has an answer for everything, knows everything unflappable.

And I think that. That's artifice. I think that's kind of illusion. I don't think anyone actually really is that way. All of the time. Mm-hmm I think that's a, a persona that people put on when they are the CEO or, you know, assume a position of leadership. And I don't find it to be incredibly relatable or effective.

And I think that the leaders. New paradigm of leadership do well, but the leaders of the future, the leaders of today, the people who are, I think having the most traction and resonance, very deep resonance mm-hmm are people who are showing up and saying, hi, I'm a human. Like you, you know, I'm a human too.

Yes. I. Do the wrong thing. Sometimes I make mistakes. I feel things really deeply mm-hmm and I get to show up and have a higher vision and work towards it, regardless of that. And I don't have to cover up or scrub or edit out or water down these other parts and show up with only a sliver of myself, um, or as a persona in order to do what I need to do.

And in fact, I think I'm going to be better at doing what I need to do if I am. Open and honest and transparent and human mm-hmm . And I think that's where you also start to click into making your work a movement. Mm. And being a leader, your movement mm-hmm . Cause I think that the, you know, the suit, the buttoned up the professional, the, I must say this, I can't say this, that type of editing and rigidity.

Doesn't allow that deeper level of connection. We've been speaking about so much today to occur and be built, but when we can show up as our full selves, we can not only lead, but we can create, you know, our tribe of evangelists. Yeah. The people who feel so deeply and stickly connected to us, um, mm-hmm, build true community behind what we're doing.

And that's leadership that is leadership that this, that is leadership. I, I it's in. It's probably in the introduction, every episode it's certainly in the trailer. I, you know, there's a distinction between this hierarchal leadership and authentic leadership, right. Mm-hmm and I think what you're talking about and what we're beginning to see, there is a movement moving towards this authentic leadership because it's expansive, it creates.

It just does it creates more possibility because we're leading from purpose. We're leading from authenticity. We're allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, which is a value of leadership. A lot of times people hold, you know, vulnerability as a weakness. I say, no, it's a strength. Right, because it connects us to that authenticity, to that transparency that's then gonna be open up and connect us with people, as you're saying.

And I think that is leadership that's leadership. So I that's why I, I was like, Ooh, I wanna talk with Carolyn about this, cuz I know you've got some juicy tidbits on it, for sure. Not even tidbits juicy, just. It's got the juice on this and it's so right. It's so true. It's so true. And, um, and when I say leading from purpose, it's like the other feels very, um, ego, you know, mm-hmm, let me look right.

Let me get it right. Let me, you know, and that's, we're not here for that. We're not here for that in this new paradigm of leader. Yeah. And doesn't that breed homogeny as well. Mm-hmm, like, isn't the beauty of the future, like us all showing up as our individual selves and like that being the place that we lead.

So, yeah. Yeah. Would that not be amazing? Would that not be amazing? I'm here for that. I'm here for that. I'm here for it. Another question that I think is so important, I really, really want everyone to hear is what are some of the shifts that you see? in women from beginning, middle to completion of when you're working with them.

Mm. Cause I don't know, you know, it's, it's, it's, especially in the coaching world, making things tangible for people can sometimes be challenging, right. Because. Because there's so many pathways, but I think we can talk about shifts. What are some of the shifts that you really see when you're working with kids?

Yeah. Ooh, that's a great question. I think that, I feel like in order to speak shifts, I wanna speak before a little bit. Sure. And then we, we speak after a little bit as well, but a lot of my women come to me and they're all very, you know, they either own their own business or an entrepreneur or a speaker or an author X, Y, Z mm-hmm

They are their brand service based. Generally the women that I work with. But they come to me and they have. A business, you know, they have generally clients, they're very purpose driven. They're very clear on their mission. They're very, like, they're very freaking good at what they do too. Yeah. But they're like, there is just something like in my head, I know exactly what I do, but it just doesn't come.

How the way I wanna to, I feel like I just, in my messaging, like I'm not able to communicate what I wanna say, who I am, what I offer X, Y, Z. I feel like something's getting lost here. And some of the things that I hear the most from women after I work with them are. The reflection from the people in their audiences, their communities, you know, social media, email podcast, X, Y, Z, that they notice such an energetic shift in what they're sharing.

They're getting DMS, they're getting email responses. They're getting people reaching out and saying, holy cow, I feel you. Oh my gosh, that moved me so much. Oh, my gosh. Wow. Like tell me about working together. Ah, and so they hear often at the beginning, the reflections from the people around them who are feeling and sensing this shift mm-hmm , um, as they are embodying it, which is really juicy.

So not just people responding and being critically moved by what they're putting out there. But. Tangibly the people in their audiences who are their most ideal and aligned clients reaching out to work with them. So they'll see, you know, higher client conversions, more aligned, higher quality clients who are converting.

That's a really juicy piece and just general reflections about how much their work is, moving people and really deeply connecting and people are feeling really seen by what they're sharing and they're messaging. Something. I hear a lot too, is that our work together. Um, and this is actually a direct quote from one client that I'll share, cuz I just thought it was so great how she phrased it.

She said the floodgate of creativity were. Ooh. And that's a reflection I get across the board. Is that yeah. My women feel like, because they're tapping so deeply into themselves. Yes. Like they're magic, they're differentiators, their stories. They are just opening up and accessing this entirely new level of creativity.

Yeah. Cause we're also really changing the concept of what content and what story and what messaging is for them. Because so many people see it as this heavy thing they have to create, oh, I have to create a month's worth of content. They have to, I have to batch all of this content. I need to create all these educational content and, you know, carousel and all of these things, which feels so not them.

And so heavy what I remind them and what I deeply work with people on, in the implementation. Cause I think that's where the magic happens. Mm-hmm is that, you know, content is literally. What's happening already in your life. It's not this thing you have to like create fabricate, like pull from thin air mm-hmm , it's looking around you and into the moments of your day and the conversations with your clients and the conversations in the DMS maybe, and you know, the little, the little things happening to you and accessing those and bringing them to life and what you share, you know, mm-hmm stories.

When you tell your stories, I'm saying stories, plural, because they're infinite. You don't have enough time to tell all of your stories. Yes. You're pulling from what's happening a story doesn't have to be a dark night of the soul moment. It doesn't have to be burning down your life, this whole crazy thing.

Yeah. A story could be a conversation you had with yourself while you were drinking your coffee this night. Yes. Any moment can be a story. And so I think that not only. Opening up creativity, but shifting into this really abundant mindset around content and feeling like it's unlimited for them, content creation becomes easy, becomes effortless.

That's the name of my signature program, effortless content creator, because they're tapped into themselves and realizing how very much they have to say and how much is happening every day that they can translate into really relevant. Amazing. That's amazing. And I love what you said about this, having that abundant mindset, because when we have that abundant mindset, it will become effortless because there's so much right.

And I love the distinction that you created. Like ver . I have to create content. I have to right to wait. I get to, because it's already. I already have it and what's happening right now. And I also love the plural of the stories, reminding that every moment and every day is part of our story. Oh, so good. So good.

So good. And I think that it's so it's so empowering the work that you're doing with women to really get into what's true for them own it. And I love it. We work with the same type of women, I think, where they're very driven, very purposeful. They're on a mission. Let's go. Let's go. And so helping them pause and get really clear.

Who they're being in the world, how their stories translate to where they're serving is so incredibly important. So I'm just I'm oh, I'm so glad we met. I'm so glad we met. I, I am curious as we move into fall, what are you looking forward to in your business? Cause I love fall. It's like a time of change.

What are you looking forward? Well, fall's actually my favorite season. And I know that sounds very like, um, basic Instagram girl of me. like two hands around a warm mug with some bottom leave. You know what I mean? Like so stereotype, but I love the fall. And I think that at least for me, this summer has been such a high energy time of creativity and ideas dropping in.

I have. Many ideas. I have so many programs. I wanna create so many master classes. Literally I'm launching a masterclass in two weeks. I just had an idea drop in this weekend. I was like, I need to get in the room and talk to people about this. So I think that that's something I always say to my clients too, where I'm like, if you have an idea, like bring it to life immediately, like being able to move on something I think is one of your superpowers in your business.

Yes. But I'm looking forward to taking all of these juicy, you know, summer ideas that have ripened. If you will, this season. Bringing them to life like taking all of these seeds that have been planted and really executing on them in a really tangible and creative way. Mm-hmm, in a creative way. You know, having photo shoots in my apartment, you know, fun sitting down and having an afternoon to just create the most beautiful, aligned coffee and obsess, like bringing it all to life, choosing music, to go with it, just letting it all be really fun and playful and creative fun.

Ooh, I'm excited. And. Did you all hear what she said, being fun and creative and playful as she's bringing all of her summer ideas to life. And boy, how great is that to be able to have fun, be playful, like it's taking the pressure off and these ideas and putting it into service. Into contribution. All of that.

Hello? Hello. Are you getting Carolyn's vibe? It's so great. It's so great. It's so great. Is there anything I know you said you have a masterclass coming in two in two weeks. Um, what, can you tell us a little bit? I mean, do you wanna share, like, can people hop into that? Oh my gosh. Yes. Okay. Well, I think we're gonna be airing the week of.

The week before labor day. So this is actually gonna be the week after labor day. Oh, perfect. Tell us, tell us that. Amazing. So I'm not gonna give you the full scoop. You'll have to come and find out a little bit more from me following it, me on LinkedIn or Instagram. Okay. But the, the vibe that dropped in the name of the masterclass is going to be priceless.

Ooh, got I have these bumps prices. Yeah. Yes. That gave me goose. Oh, I can't wait to hear, talk about that on social media for sure. Email list, but it's gonna be really juicy for sure. For sure. Oh, I'm excited. I am putting all the ways to connect with Carolyn in the show notes. She it'll also be on my website, so.

You guys, I highly encourage you to stay connected with her because she's such a gift she's so amazing and has so much to offer women in really embracing. Who they are authentically as leaders in this world, in their businesses, in their lives and creating those shifts. And we are here for that paradigm, that shift in paradigm in leadership.

Let's go, I really get that. You're on a mission Carolyn, to like, You know, have that authentic and transparent leadership and have it be so expansive. So I cannot thank you enough for coming in and sharing with us, your passion and how you really serve in this world. And I, I, I can't thank you enough. It was so amazing.

And so in alignment with, so, so many women that listen to this podcast, so I know you've just been such an amazing gift. Thank you. Oh, my gosh, I can't thank you enough for having me truly for creating the space for introducing me to your audience and just for showing up and being yourself and facilitating this amazing conversation.

Thank you so very much. You are so welcome. And I I'm, I will probably, no, not probably let me declare this right here right now. Carolyn will be back because we had our initial conversation really like honing it into, what do we wanna talk about first? But there is so much more so you can expect Carolyn back and you'll get to know her even more, but truly everyone.

Yes. I, when I declare something, it's a promise. So she'll be back and I'm here for it. So again, you guys, everything will be in the show notes. Everything will be on the website, stay connected for those of you who listen. Right on time and are interested in priceless. I'm goosebumps, her new masterclass get on it, jump on it.

Um, you'll be right on time for that. And, um, remember everyone, this is the time for you to trust your natural, knowing your stories and getting to really know your authentic self can sometimes take. Sometimes take time. Remember what Carolyn said when she was in corporate and she decided like Uhuh? No.

And she burned it all down to the ground. That that was powerful and sat in it and gave herself that time to really. Get to know herself in a way on where she wanted to shine. And boy, does she shine? So it takes some time. You don't have to do it all in one day. You just don't. And remember, we get to trust that more always gets revealed.

It's never gonna look the way we think it's supposed to. So give yourself those pauses and be kind to yourself, lean into your authentic self and trust your purpose. Trust your purpose. And that you're contributing to something much bigger than yourselves, because truly that's when we are living fully, really living fully.

So I wanna thank you all so much for listening today. And I absolutely know there was a ton of value in having Carolyn here and drop in some amazing wisdom. And I'm so grateful. Y'all know. I wanna hear from you. So remember go to my website and drop in that curiosity challenge link. What did you get from today?

What are you willing to take on to really stretch and lean into your story and your leadership? I wanna hear from you. So listen, have a great week ahead. And you know what I always say, if it's not shaping up the way you want it to, well, go ahead and make a shift, create a fantastic one. You're an ownership for that.

Let's go. All right. We'll talk with you in September and it's just around the corner and remember connect with Carolyn. She's amazing and priceless. It's coming. All right, Carolyn. Thanks again for being here. And everyone have a great week ahead. Talk to you soon. Thanks for listening to another episode of let's be honest before we start pretending for more resources on taking the lead in your life.

Head over to Kelly J and connect with me on Instagram at coach Kelly Mok. If this episode was helpful for you. Please feel free to share it with friends rate and review it on iTunes. That's apple podcasts now. And at any time, feel free to connect with me and let me know what you want to hear next or what you're working on.

I'm happy to help. Thanks again for listening and here's to you taking the lead in your life.