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Bouncing Back (Feat. Darleen “Coach Dar” Santore)
24th April 2023 • Motivational Mondays: Conversations with Leaders • National Society of Leadership and Success
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Darleen “Coach Dar” Santore is a licensed and board-certified occupational therapist. She’s also the former Phoenix Suns mental-skills coach, and a leadership and mental-edge coach to athletes and business leaders worldwide.

Her highly-anticipated book, The Art of Bouncing Back: Find Your Flow to Thrive at Work and in Life - Anytime You’re off your Game was recently released. In the book, she shares her techniques with the world. (

In the past, Coach Dar was asked to elaborate on how she helps others. After saying it was her natural gift and receiving some pushback, she sat down and wrote the actual strategy she uses to help people bounce back.


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>> Listen to the bonus episode to learn what it means to listen if you really want to level up and why some people just want to be heard. (

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