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How To Follow the Advice of a Modern Philosopher with John Wayte, Monkey Shoulder Whisky
Episode 15619th May 2020 • Lush Life • Susan L. Schwartz
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Not everyone has the foresight at a young age to know who British Philosopher Alan Watts is and also to heed his advice when planning their future.  Well, our guest did and maybe that’s why he is the brand ambassador of one of the most profitable whiskies in the world.

I’m Susan Schwartz, your drinking companion, and this is, Lush Life Podcast, every week we are inspired to live life one cocktail at a time by everyone in this industry. 

My guest, John Wayte, UK Brand Ambassador of Monkey Shoulder Premium Blended Whisky, may have studied Philosophy at university, but he wasn’t quite sure he would emerge as a philosopher. He spent more time organizing parties and ski trips for his fellow students than pouring over Plato.

He did have the wherewithal to look at the future before him and deduce that serving alcohol linked everything he was doing. That led him straight into a career in the booze industry and he hasn’t looked back. Now with the enviable position of Brand Ambassador to the massively successful Monkey Shoulder, a whisky that prides itself on being as much fun as the whisky inside of it is fabulous, he is right where he dreamed he could be.

The Cocktail of the Week is the Monkey Shoulder Lazy Old Fashioned!

Ingredients & Method:

  • Remove 100ml of Monkey from your bottle. Enjoy the spare whisky as you like… secret ingredient in an apple tart?
  • Pour 90ml of sugar syrup back into the bottle.
  • Add 30ml of Angostura Bitters back into the bottle.

Label the bottle so you don’t get confused…! Shake and store in the fridge, you’re ready to pour 12 Old Fashioneds over ice. Garnish them each with an orange zest. Run a bath, put your feet up and be lazy.

Finally save the empty bottles, in case you get stuck on a desert island

For the Monkey Colada and its sister the Smokey Monkey Colada, you’ll have to head to, where you can find this recipe, more whisky recipes, and all the cocktails of the week, plus links to where you'll find all the ingredients.


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Always remember the wise words of Oscar Wilde, “All things in moderation, including moderation,” and always drink responsibly!


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