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What people want from a leader with Jim Kouzes | Episode 64
Episode 6416th December 2021 • The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast • Ben Morton
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I’m delighted to be able to bring you an interview with one of my leadership heroes, Jim Kouzes.

Jim Kouzes is the coauthor with Barry Posner of the award-winning and best-selling book ‘The Leadership Challenge’, now its 6th edition with over 2.8 million copies sold.

‘The Leadership Challenge’ was selected by Soundview Executive Book Summaries as one of the Best Leadership Books of All Time, named one of the 100 Best Business Books of All Time by 800-CEO-READ, chosen by FastCompany as one of the 2012 Best Business Books of the Year, and has been on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list multiple times.

There are many more accolades and awards for the book than I have time to mention. I also use the research from the book at the start of every leadership programme I run.

Jim is also an experienced executive. He served as president, then CEO and chairman of the Tom Peters Company from 1988 until 2000. Prior to his tenure at TPC he directed the Executive Development Center at Santa Clara University from 1981 through 1987.

In this episode, we explore what he has learned about leadership from a life dedicated to the topic. I was so grateful to be able to ask Jim many of the questions that occurred to me as I read and re-read the book over the past 8 years, focussing on how we can practically apply the lessons.

I know that you are going to love this episode, but before we get into the episode, let me share an offer with you. I’m giving away complimentary access to my online Weekly Planning Protocol course.

In order to access the course, simply leave a review of the show on Apple Podcasts and share a screenshot on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn – tagging me in the post – and we’ll get your access details sent across to you. As it’s not always obvious how to do this, we’ve included a link to the show - simply click on the link, scroll down and you’ll see a leave a review button.

But now, without any further delay, please enjoy this fascinating conversation with a genuine thought leader – Jim Kouzes.

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