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Guinea-Bissau Part 1: Civil Society and Illicit Markets
Episode 216th April 2021 • Deep Dive: Exploring Organized Crime • Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime
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A look at how a self-interested political and military elite used profits from illicit markets to fuel their own ambitions at the expense of the wider population. This is a story of corruption, dirty money, cocaine and illegal logging.

This is Part one of a two-part special on Guinea-Bissau, the small West African nation. In this episode we will chart the course of Guinea-Bissau from Independence to the present day through the eyes of civil society organisations, who step in to fill the void left by an absent state. 


Augusto Mário (Pres. GNB Human Rights League)

Ude Fati (Economist, Head of Voz di Paz)

Fodé Mané (University of Bissau) 

Rui Landim (Political Analyst)

Augusta Henriques (founder of Tiniguena, civil society activist) 


Breaking the vicious cycle: Cocaine politics in Guinea-Bissau

The Seidi Bá cocaine trial: A smokescreen for impunity?

Mission not accomplished?: UNIOGBIS closes amid uncertainty in Guinea-Bissau

CPJ - Guinea-Bissau editor António Aly Silva abducted and beaten

Presenter: Jack Meegan-Vickers