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Hardship on Treatment
Episode 3026th April 2022 • Life on Pause • Penn State Health
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Life with cancer looks different for everyone, and for young people especially, it can be challenging to manage a diagnosis while still moving forward with life's other experiences. On this episode of Life on Pause, our host Brady Lucus chats with guest speaker Colton Cook, a college student who has been in treatment for his cancer diagnosis. Together they discuss what it's like to have cancer while trying to maintain normalcy in life as a young adult.

Life on Pause is a podcast created by and for young adults living with cancer. Within this episode, listeners can gain insight into one person's real-life journey navigating life and treatments as a young adult with cancer.

Listen to Brady and special guest Colton discuss the cancer treatment experience:

Guest Introduction (0:30)

Our host Brady Lucus introduces listeners to guest speaker Colton Cook. Colton is a creative writing student at Susquehanna University. He is also currently a patient at Hershey Penn State Hospital, where he received treatment for his cancer diagnosis.

Coping with Creativity (0:57)

Colton speaks about his decision to pursue a college education in creative writing while being treated for cancer. He explains how his creative writing and mindset have contributed to his coping with having cancer. Additionally, he speaks about his experiences being treated during COVID-19 and coming to terms with not having control.

Adjusting to Life With Cancer (3:30)

After being diagnosed with cancer in 11th grade, with the help of medical technology, Colton finished high school and began college while still receiving treatment. He provides listeners a glimpse into what it was like moving forward during such turbulent times regarding his health and the state of the world during COVID-19.

Treatment and Coping Methods (8:17)

Colton tells listeners about his clinic experiences and his methods for coping throughout this time, like using his pets as a form of animal-assisted therapy. He also speaks about his family's experiences coping with his illness.

Life on Pause and Looking Ahead (11:57)

Colton plans to continue pursuing his education in creative writing in the future. He explains how his cancer diagnosis affected his life and caused setbacks. However, he has found his own ways to help establish normalcy in his life.

Fears and Effects (14:20)

Brady asks Colton about his fears regarding his cancer diagnosis and how his diagnosis has affected his future. Colton shares his thoughts and talks about cancer's effects on his creative writing and storytelling.

Listener Takeaways (18:33)

To conclude the episode, Colton provides his thoughts and suggestions for individuals going through college after being diagnosed with cancer. Additionally, he shares the one piece of information that he hopes listeners would take away from his story.