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Ownership Is The Key To Freedom
Episode 8717th May 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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Can you IMAGINE being involved in a domestic violence dispute and having a temporary restriction put on you?! Can you IMAGINE your marriage falling apart before your eyes and not being able to do ANYTHING about it? That’s what happened to this week’s guest and his story is PHENOMENAL.

Cameron recently graduated from the Empowered Man program and came to the program seeking someone to TALK to and help him TAKE OWNERSHIP of his life. He knew he needed to make a CHANGE, start OWNING what’s happening to him and INVEST in his own empowerment. He joins Mark this week to share his words of wisdom, and how the program led him to become an EMPOWERED man. If you’re on the fence or think the VIP program is a SCAM, you need to listen to this episode.

“Detach yourself from the outcome. Completely detach yourself from the outcome of wanting her back” 

- Mark Santiago


In This Episode:

- Find out why WHINING doesn’t get you ANYWHERE

- Learn how to take OWNERSHIP of your situation

- Cameron shares what was going on in his life before he connected with Empowered Man

- Discover why joining the Empowered Man program made Cameron realize he was not ALONE

- You NEED to own your sh*t and TAKE CONTROL of your life. Here’s why…

- Hear why hitting the ‘she’ button isn’t serving you, and what to do instead

- There is only ONE way for our culture to heal. Here’s what it is…

And much more…

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