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Episode 4426th October 2022 • Into The Deep with J. Costa • J. Costa & George Richter
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J talks with psychic medium and paranormal investigative couple, The ParaNelsons: Mark and Barbara Nelson, whom possess clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient abilities. • They talk about several, famous murder cases they were asked to investigate, their experiences when they attended the last seance ever conducted by Kenny Kingston, buildings they will no longer visit, the eerie commonalities between them and Ed and Lorraine Warren, ghosts, spirits and a ton more. With numerous appearances on television, radio and live events, most recently on Gaia TV's Beyond Belief with George Noory, Mark or the couple, have appeared on ABC's 20/20, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Witness, Ghost Hunters, Haunted History, and more. • You can find Mark and Barbara at: and on IG at • And be sure to find us: