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Vinnie Falbo - Inventor of the Shoticle - Episode 394
Episode 39422nd November 2020 • Hoop Heads • Hoop Heads Podcast Network
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Vinnie Falbo is the inventor of The Shoticle, a training aid that mounts on your backboard to give you the exact location where you must hit the glass for greater success. The Shoticle is based on research conducted by a team of professors that ran millions of computer simulations to identify the highest percentage shots, and the research was tested and confirmed by players at many levels. The researchers concluded that the highest percentage shot is provided by a vertical aim line behind the backboard that intersects with a series of aim lines on the plane of the backboard.  The Shoticle is mounted in these given locations to provide the highest percentage shot with a very clear intersection point. Vinnie took these research findings and created The Shoticle to help shooters at all levels of the game shoot a higher percentage and score more.

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If you have never seen the Shoticle, it would help you to jump over to and watch the 1-minute video first so you can see the Shoticle in action before you listen to this episode with Vinnie Falbo, inventor of The Shoticle.

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