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Dice Try - Party People Media EPISODE 2, 2nd October 2020
The Black Patch: Chapter 2 - Welcome to New Nazareth
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The Black Patch: Chapter 2 - Welcome to New Nazareth

It's Spooktober! Welcome to The Black Patch, Dice Try's new campaign. The year is 1908. During the advent of the Industrial Revolution, a wave of violence washes over Western Kentucky. A vigilante group known as the Night Raiders burn crops, assault homesteaders, and put entire communities under siege. Beneath this conflict though, something dark and ancient awaits. 

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Into this fray enters a group of heroes: Paul Alan Dixon (IG/Twitter: @paulalandixon), Earl T. Kim (IG:@fyrestorm, Twitter:@earlofsammich), and Crista Llewellyn (IG:@lady_rogue_ ). Who will delve into deep wells of magic to prevent forthcoming tragedy. What awaits them? You will only find out once you've entered...

The Black Patch

On today's episode, our GM Daniel Schaub (IG/Twitter: @HemingwayLite) guides our players through the strange town of New Nazareth.