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Get Messy Podcast - Caylee Grey EPISODE 4, 19th September 2019
How to maintain a creative habit with Anika Lacerte
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How to maintain a creative habit with Anika Lacerte

If you want to be an artist, if you want to create a lot of work and for it to be a part of your life - you do need a creative habit. It doesn’t need to be an hour every day.

In this podcast, I chat to Anika Lacerte about creative habit. As someone who is currently on her 9th 100 day project, Anika is kind of an expert at it. She shares her top 16 ways for fitting art into your life every single freaking day. Check out the show notes to download the PDF and keep it with you to refer back to.

“It’s not always a magical moment but I’m choosing to show up. Whether it becomes magical or not is irrelevant.” - Anika Lacerte


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