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The Half Time Orange Podcast - Half Time Orange EPISODE 10, 20th October 2020
Finding balance in your daily life - with Wiremu Matthews
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Finding balance in your daily life - with Wiremu Matthews

Wiremu Matthews is a Kiwi dad and husband blessed to have 6 great children, and an awesome wife, Kristen. He is passionate about leadership, education and personal development, and has over 15 years experience in the health sector. Originally graduating as a pharmacist, Wiremu went on to fulfill the role of pharmacy group business manager and CEO of the Maori Pharmacists Association. Further years of study has gained him a Diploma in Fitness and Business, a PGDip in Health Service and an Advanced Certificate in Motivational Medicine, all in the pursuit of his goal to help people improve their quality of life. 

This broad knowledge of conventional medicine, exercise and nutrition and psychoneuroimmunology (the study of how our mental health and emotional wellbeing affect our immune system and physical wellbeing), provides Wiremu and his clients with a unique perspective and application in how to break through their personal mindset ceilings and shape safe environments where people feel empowered and can produce optimal results. 

Today, Wiremu focuses on coaching his clients to help them achieve optimal wellness, by helping them develop the mental, emotional and behavioural patterns required to create positive and sustainable change. One of his favourite quotes by David Bendar is: “Ordinary people who consistently do small and simple things, can achieve extraordinary results”. His coaching style aims to tackle challenges in this way, one small step at a time. 

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