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Tall Can Audio - Tall Can Audio 3rd May 2021
TCA Ep824: I'll Make It Up To You
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TCA Ep824: I'll Make It Up To You

Bonus Show.

Matt returns to the microphone for a bonus episode of Tall Can Audio following some technical difficulties on Ep823 that left the show a little short.

On the agenda for this one: Following the events of the last couple months, has the Blue Jays brand become tarnished with scandal and should it matter that the circumstances muddying the waters for the organization are almost entirely out of their control? And later on we dive in to the conversation making it's way around Twitter today about the Toronto Sports Mount Rushmore and whether Auston Matthews has already earned his space on it.

It's a little bonus audio as we retest the studio and make up for (some of) our shortcomings on the last one.

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