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Getting out of your own way and connecting as men with Dan Faill
Episode 1831st December 2020 • Diner Talks With James • James Robilotta
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Dan Faill, educator, speaker, and great friend, joined me in the diner this episode. After the Top 3 Top 3 we reminisced about how Dan was my orientation leader in college and I was a homesick first year student. That jumped us into a conversation about friendship and the stories we tell ourselves when we long for connection and how do you learn who trust with your story. One of my biggest fears is being a burden to others and that impacts what we think we deserve. Dan and I bonded over how difficult it as men to let others in, share our feelings more freely, and admit when we need/want help. We then shared some random facts about ourselves, like the fact that Dan used to be a competitive mime! After the segment we discussed the difference between having a talent or hobby that you love and wanting to be paid for it. We ended by talking about that feeling like something is not quite right in your career/passion and rather than looking outside of it, you must find the courage to explore other possibilities inside of the passion area. 

About the Guest: 

Dan Faill has spoken to thousands of college students across the country. But rather than listing off a resume of jobs and accomplishments that most of you will tune out anyway, here are some fun facts: In high school, Dan was nominated for the senior superlative of class clown, but came in second. After his first semester in college he changed his major from Acting because his professor told him he’d never make it because his eyebrows were too expressive for the silver screen. After graduating from the University North Carolina at Wilmington, Dan knew he wanted to get a masters degree close to home, so he went to the University of the Pacific...on the exact opposite coast. Apparently following directions has never been his strong suit. Dan has been a facilitator of community building and social justice work for over a decade, and recently followed his passion to be a full time speaker, coach and consultant, helping audiences be brave enough to have the conversations that matter. He currently lives in Los Angeles where he can be close to his two adorable children, volunteering to help coach sports that he knows nothing about, all the while dreaming of North Carolina BBQ and sweet tea.

About the Host: 

Friends! Here's a somewhat stuffy bio of me:  

I am an author, professional speaker, coach, host, and entrepreneur. My first book, Leading Imperfectly: The value of being authentic for leaders, professionals, and human beings, is available wherever people buy books. I speak internationally to willing and unwilling attendees about authenticity, vulnerability, and leadership. My clients include American Express, General Electric (GE), Accenture, Yale University, The Ohio State University, and many others. As a speaker, I am doing the two things I loves the most: making people think and making people laugh! 

I host my own events multiple times a year. They are 2-day events called Living Imperfectly Live (and sometimes they are 1-day virtual events). They are a space where humans from every walk of life can come together to be part of a community on the pursuit of badassery. The goal is to help attendees start living the life we say we want to live.

Alas, you're here because of an idea I had a number of years ago and didn't think I was good enough to pull it off. I finally acted on it and alas Diner Talks with James was born! As you can see from what I do in my professional life, Diner Talks is alligned with everything I believe in and teach. If this wasn't dry enough, and you would like to know more info about my speaking, events, or coaching feel free to check out my website:

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