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Episode 404 – Your Car was Broken Into by the Blue Tick
Episode 40421st November 2022 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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Ever had some bad customer service? Has corporate ever pulled some shenanigans on a retailer? Todd and Sean share some of their woes with stories on St John’s Music and HMV. This brings into focus not just those two chains, but we also talk a little Skinnerbox and King Django, WH Smith and Smithbooks. Does your coffee thermos keep your coffee too hot?

Elon Musk part two, as we discuss that darn blue tick mark on people’s twitter profiles, Stephen King’s beef with Elon Musk, and how Sean may not be the original SeanGeek.

Has your car ever been broken into? You have footage of the thief who broke into your car, and you post it on social media. What happens next?

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#carbreakin #theft



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