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On the Brighter Side - On the Brighter Side 18th February 2019
Ep 37 – Body Composition and Weight Loss with Joanne Lee Cornish
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Ep 37 – Body Composition and Weight Loss with Joanne Lee Cornish

Today’s episode is so much fun. I’m chatting with Joanne Lee Cornish, the author of When Calories and Cardio don’t Cut it. We are talking about body composition and what happens to our food when we eat it. Once lypolosis was explained to me, I feel like I can easily shed this extra 10 pounds that is driving me crazy. You can follow my progress as I try the things I have learned from Joanne.

You can find more from Joanne at www.theshrinkshop.com or follow her on Facebook or Instagram @theshrinkshop.

Here is a link to her book that I loved and highly recommend.


Here is a list of important dates to add to your calendar.

  1. Monday, March 11th at [6:30] – Bachelor viewing party. It’s going to be huge, so don’t miss out!
  2. Thursday, April 11th – Saturday, April 13th open from 9am-6pm each day – My very last Holiday House Boutique. It’s going to be epic, so make sure you come and bring your friends. You can get more details by following Holiday House Boutique on Facebook or Instagram.
  3. Friday, April 26th – My first live workshop. It’s going to be life changing, so get your ticket and join us!