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Brett Durand - Opportunity Cost and Opportunity Savings
Episode 5629th August 2023 • Elevate.Together.Podcast. • Elevate Services
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Lawyers Spending More Time Lawyering

This impact episode podcast features Brett Durand, Legal Operations Director at Sempra, and our host for this podcast is Elevate’s COO and General Counsel, Steve Harmon. Brett and Steve discuss implementing positive change, featuring two projects at Sempra, implementing iManage, and adopting Elevate’s invoice review solution.

00:55 Brett Durand from patent law to audits to legal tech and legal operations.

01:44 Implementing change and iManage.

03:17 The cloud has changed how we implement new solutions.  

05:37 Ease of use has resulted in a tenfold increase in creating and saving content for greater accessibility, record retention, and risk mitigation.

08:15. Don’t assume that people would see the benefit of technology platforms and naturally gravitate towards them.

10:14 The choice between a phased-in approach or a big bang launch - migrating everyone over on a particular day. 

14:29 Build a safety net with your current solution and take the time to assess your documents and reduce your data footprint. 

16:47 Executing a well-thought-out communication plan and having an active champion network.

18:57 Making invoice review easier for attorneys – by inserting a third party into the conversation.

25:10 Internal initiatives like invoice review can create savings to fund the implementation of other programs.  

“Invoice Review is about balance, and we’re pleased to offer attorney discretion to adjudicate and adjust the invoice.”





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