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S3 Ep 5 - Memory Repression and Expression Pt 1
Episode 511th February 2021 • The 411 Live • The 411 Live
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Do you want to write a book? Are you ready to share your story but going through that process is painful or you just don’t know where to start? Yep we totally understand. We have three words for you….Memory, Repression, and Expression. While telling your story, you may encounter moments where there are suppressed memories that you haven’t dealt with. There is a transformational healing experience that takes place through writing and then transferred to readers or listeners through audio books. This process can make you feel very uncomfortable or very empowered. That’s why it takes a special person with the right process to extract and process your information and make sure you are not leaving that person exposed. By watching or listening to this podcast you will get the courage to start the process of writing your own book. Join us as we talk to Jolanda Rogers, owner of T.A.L.K Consulting and Publishing, Nancy Yarbrough, author and founder of Fresh Start Learning, and Edward Hennings, author, speaker and entrepreneur about memory, expression and suppression, how to put your story into book form. This is The 411 Live. Real People. Real Talk.



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