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Free Energy Machine May Be Self Aware
Episode 26329th August 2022 • Timeless Voyager Series • Bruce Stephen Holms
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Is it possible for a machine invented in the 1800s by John Keely and reconstructed in 1996 by Dale Pond to be self aware? Pond explains Sympathetic Vibratory Physics: The Spiritual Science of John Keely. Dale discusses how, for more than 30 years, he has investigated the natural and spiritual science of John Keely. This has resulted in a comprehensive and cohesive paradigm spanning the Mind & Spirit realm to the material and these -- to orthodox science. According to Pond, Keely did his own work, when the robber Barons "fenced Him in so that he could not get into the free energy market". Later Keely died when he was mysteriously pushed under a street car from the injuries he sustained