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How to write a press release for your pet business
Episode 154th June 2020 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Are you thinking of pitching a story about your pet business to the media and need to write a press release?

A press release is simply a document written in a certain format that means it contains all the vital information the journalist needs to write an article.

In this episode I’m going to explain everything you need to know so you can write a press release for your pet business to boost your chance of success when you pitch to the media.

Here are the key timings and topics covered in this episode:

1.40 - Shout out to Becky from K9Nation and Lottie from the Cosy Canine Company to thank them for their reviews.

3.20 - What is a press release and definitions of a press release.

4.05 - What journalists are looking for in a story.

4.32 - Ideas on what makes a story.

6.00 - Sherry runs a marathon story from Dogs4Rescue.

6.11 - Why you need to write a press release.

8.10 - What to do if you don't have a press release.

8.21 - Why you don't have to have someone write it for you.

9.16 - Power Hour sessions.

9.30 - Press Release package.

9.42 - Photos to go with your press release.

10.49 - Where do I send my press release?

11.20 - How your local paper is a great place for you to start building relationships with journalists and if you do this well, can lead to a steady stream of coverage.

12.28 - Pitching yourself as an expert

12.36 - How journalists will always Google your name and want to see other articles, so blogs, news pieces, podcasts, book listings if you have a book, reassuring them you are an expert.

14.00 - How do I write my press release? Using the template.

14.30 - Choosing a title.

15.43 - Writing your headline.

16.10 - Your intro.

16.36 - Key things a press release should cover.

18.21 - Quotes - what's going to evoke an emotional response?

19.29 - Further information on what the story is about.

20.30 - Example from Julie at the DogG8 company.

21.41 - Summarising your story.

22.40 - Notes to the editor section.

23.00 - How to send high resolution images without clogging up inboxes!

23.30 - Notes to the editor.

23.45 - Essentials to have on your website.

24.40 - How to get the template and more information on my Membership programme.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Sherry runs a marathon story: Paralysed dog runs marathon

Tour De Rescue story: Dog lover on epic Tour De Rescue cycle ride to help rehome dogs in need

Membership programme: Publicity for Pet Businesses Membership.

Download the press release series: Press Release Template

Book in a Power Hour: Power Hour

Book in for the Press Release writing service: Press Release Writing

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