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How To Use Email To Keep Your Members Engaged
Episode 231st April 2020 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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We all work really hard to win customers, members, and subscribers. But do you work just as hard to keep them?

It’s kinda old-school to just bring people in, get them signed up, and then hope that they’ll stick around. It’s way better for retention and reputation if you can use email to nurture them, guide them in the right direction, and get them consuming your goods.

This episode we’re diving into how to keep your members super-engaged, keep retention high, and your members loving you, all using email marketing.

Episode Content

  • (0:33) Funny fact with Rob and Kennedy
  • (2:24) It’s not about hoping they’ll forget they subscribed, it’s about being transparent.
  • (5:11) What should you do as soon as someone joins your membership?
  • (7:15) Keep reminding people of the value that your membership or subscription is delivering.
  • (7:46) The email sequence to put people through when they join, to encourage people to consume your content and engage with your product.
  • (10:18) Now that they’re logged in for the first time, how do you get them to form the habit of logging in regularly?
  • (12:44) A sneaky trick to get people to log in to access special content.
  • (15:31) How to use your monthly membership content to fuel your emails.
  • (19:22) Selling membership with the daily email method.
  • (21:29) Listener’s question.
  • (24:30) Subject line of the week.

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