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WIS Show: Self Respect and Career Ownership (Starting with You!)
15th August 2021 • Safety With Purpose Podcast • Safety With Purpose Podcast
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Join us for our first session, in a series of six, looking at how we can build ourselves up and gain access to higher level positions of influence. In session one, "Self Respect and Career Ownership (Starting with You!)" our guests Belinda Nyambare and Louise Kelly chat about their journey towards self-respect, and struggles and challenges experienced during their own careers. 

We dive into talking about why developing self respect is important for success in one's professional development and what is meant by the term 'career ownership'. Belinda and Louise share their journey through their career development and recommendations on how to measure our own self respect. 

This is a series of six episodes where we look at how we can build ourselves up and gain access to higher level positions of influence. 

In this series we will be speaking to six topics:

  • Self respect and career ownership (Starting with You!)
  • Empowerment and supporting visibility 
  • Professional Growth and Personal Resilience
  • Mentorship and the importance of career development
  • Defining your Leadership style 
  • Supporting and creating future leadership

This series comes to us through L’Oréal and RoSPA Safe@Work-Safe@Home Partnership in association with OneWISH. It is designed to help and support those who identify as women in Health & Safety reach more senior roles and includes certified "IOSH Leading Safely" training followed by a period of mentoring. This training is delivered by Louise Hosking of Hosking Associates, sponsored by L’Oréal and administered by RoSPA.

Our Guests:

Mentee - Belinda Nyambare, a Safety Officer at Siginon Aviation Limited, a ground service provider at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi, Kenya.

Mentor - Louise Kelly, Health and Safety Compliance Manager at Birmingham Airport.